About Us

“For even the Son of Man came not to be served but to serve, and to give his life as a ransom for many.” [Mark 10:45]

What am I going to eat?
Where am I going to shop?
What song am I going to listen to?
What… where… how… when…

Everyday we have to make multiple decisions. From the places we go to the events we attend to how we communicate with others, we’re constantly making choices. Most of these choices and decisions we make without thinking twice but what if we all took the time to intentionally think about others before thinking about ourselves.

2012 GRAMMY Nominee and Atlanta-based singer songwriter Jamie Grace grew up seeing this mentality on a daily basis. Her parents, who doubled as her homeschool teachers, also happened to be her pastors (and still are!). Throughout her childhood Jamie Grace, and her sister Morgan, saw Mark 10:45 as an anthem in their home. An anthem that was never forced, but always chosen. From downsizing to a 1-car family to benefit another family in need to spending off-days at children’s shelters to play with kids who didn’t have homes, the Harper family defied the stereotypes of “pastors and their kids” and instead became role models in their community.

Njg backyardow 23 years old and a full time performer (with 4 #1 radio singles; “Hold Me feat. TobyMac,” “You Lead” “Beautiful Day” and “Do Life Big”), Jamie Grace is determined to continue making the choice to serve others; the same choices she saw as a little girl. Her parents are her managers, her sister (Morgan Harper Nichols), while balancing her solo career is her writing partner and the Harpers continue to use their gifts and resources to choose to pour into the lives of others. A graduated of Point University with a degree in Child & Youth Development, Jamie Grace spent the 3 years leading up to her career as a touring artist serving in Children’s Ministry at her home church, Kingdom City Church. While touring, serving at her church when she can and battling the day-to-day of having Tourette Syndrome, Jamie Grace continues to love, serve and give as much as she can. There’s no denying her heart and passion for encouraging others!

The Jamie Grace Foundation serves to be a light in the lives of others by providing opportunities for children and their families in communities that may otherwise be looked down on or in some cases, simply looked over. Since the launch of the Jamie Grace Foundation in 2013, we have provided beds for children who were previously sleeping on floors, renovated Sunday school rooms for churches that were underdeveloped and with your help, we can continue to do more!

Young or old, tall or short, rich or poor, light or dark, educated or not… we were all fearfully and wonderfully made. Made to love, made to serve, made to give. Now is the time for us to choose what we’re going to do.

Join us in serving others… just as Christ serves us.