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Submit A Project.

Please note that at this time we are unable to honor every submission received. We do however count it a privilege to hear the stories of so many incredible families and communities and have a team that continues to pray for every submission as they come in. When submissions are accepted, there are a few options as to how the Jamie Grace Foundation can be involved…

Private Events

You and your family/ministry/company can host a private event with the Jamie Grace Foundation. Jamie Grace will be in attendance and proceeds will go to the JGF and/or a ministry close to your heart.

Receive a Donation

Our goal is to reach out to others! Though we are unfortunately unable to financially support every request, the JGF is eager to hear your story and seeing if we can help out in any way.

Attend Your Event

The Jamie Grace Foundation can attend your event and share the importance of service. Proceeds will go to the JGF as well as your ministry/event.

Partner As A Goal

The Jamie Grace Foundation will partner with your ministry/goal as an official JGF goal.



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Frequently Asked Questions.

Q: What happens when I submit a project?

A: All submissions are reviewed by the JGF Team. For some events Jamie Grace will be able to make a personal appearance, some we will be able to give a donation and some submissions will be become goals with the JGF!

Q: Where are donated funds directed?

A: We have a team at the JGF that reviews funds and distributes them to our current goals. You can see a list of all current and past goals here!

Q: Can I choose where my funds go?

A: When donating to the JGF you can choose to donate to a specific goal! However, the JGF team does have the right to redirect any funds based on the need.

Q: Can Jamie Grace perform at our event?

A: For booking inquiries, please visit to contact CAA.